Telepathic Connection with Beings

My positive experience with off-planet beings and telepathy
As a hypnotherapist, I sometimes encounter people who tell me about their telepathic exchanges with various non-earth, physical beings. Some have written books about their exchanges. In 2011, my client, Steve Reichmuth, met with me for regression to explore previous lives. His recall of details was phenomenal. After the regression, he asked if we could contact alien beings as others have done. I said, “Well, why not? Let’s give it a try.” With Steve in a deep hypnotic trance, I asked if there were any non-earth beings who would be willing to make contact. There was silence. I then suggested to Steve that he raise the vibration of his electrical field by thirty percent. At this juncture, Steve started describing a small being, mostly hidden in shadows, who seemed to want to make contact. I invited the being to make contact, and the being responded in a rather soft voice saying, “I am here.” This simple statement was a game changer for me as a therapist. Not knowing to whom I was talking (through Steve) I asked, “Who are you?” The voice responded by saying, “You may call me Han.” I asked, “Where are you from?” He said, “Zeta Reticuli.” At this point, I felt a chill and the hair on my neck and arms stood up. I was on high alert. Being apprehensive, I asked him, “What is your agenda?” He replied, “To make contact.” Of course, I needed much more information to come to terms with what he was telling me. At this point, I asked him a number of advanced scientific questions like, the function of dark matter, the shape of the Universe, and the existence of energy gestalts. I thought these questions were sufficiently advanced to make it impossible for him answer them, and I might find out whether this energy had unusual knowledge. He answered each question clearly and concisely. Then I knew he was from somewhere else, with advanced scientific knowledge. I was so intrigued that I requested we make contact with him the following week. That exchange resulted in weekly exchanges over a number of years. What he and his fellow Zetas have shared with us is valuable. It is too valuable to keep to ourselves. I have shared it in two books, Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II, with more books pending.

What is telepathy?

According to Han (a being from Zeta Reticuli):

Telepathy is a common and natural part of communication between many life forms. It has been tested and proven. It is nature’s way of increasing survival through immediate thought contact. It is through this quantum-based means, mind-to-mind communication, that communication exists between more advanced species. The human advanced theoretical physicists are only now beginning to comprehend light and other energies. Another energy, gravity, contains relevant properties. Once humans have understood the properties of gravity waves and that gravity can be folded in on itself, what will be revealed will result in a far higher form of technology. Man will become capable of travel between stars and galaxies and will communicate through thought, almost instantaneously. It is based on the broad concept of a deeper underlying resonance that exists throughout the physical Universe. It will be gravity waves traveling faster-than-light, not light energies, which will facilitate such communication and transportation. Much of this must seem astonishing to you. We commend the human desire to connect to us. CSETI is a primitive first step. The desire to be drawn to the sky and stars is the correct and noble one in your evolution.
The template for telepathy is consciousness. Consciousness is multi-dimensional and is partially explained by the discoveries of quantum mechanics. Discoveries include nonlocality, a shifting of time-space, entanglement, coherence, and intention. Add one more, gravity waves. These aspects of consciousness permit telepathic exchange across dimensions and across the Universe. The Universe(s) is self-aware, and all is interconnected at the quantum level. As Nikola Tesla once said, “If you wish to understand the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Simply put, all is energy, and all is connected.

Why we should explore consciousness
Consciousness is the key to connection across the Universe. Telepathy, as a subset of consciousness, will help us meet and begin to understand life around us. To remain unaware leaves us vulnerable. We need to know what exists so we are prepared for interaction at an intergalactic level. Humans are bombarded by many influences. These include victims of psychic attacks coming from spiritual and other dimensions. There are also a number of humans who have been contacted by off-planet, physical beings who disrupt and frighten humans. These humans rarely understand what is happening to them. Then there are contacts from beings from different dimensions and other galaxies that are actually attempting to be of service by sharing knowledge with scientists, inventors, philosophers, and others who will listen, including knowledge about life-after-death, Mankind is on the precipice of wider, more frequent contact with other life forms. We must be ready. There is much to be gained by pursuing the understanding of consciousness and the mechanics of contact. Life is vast and complex. We need to partake of the gifts given through cosmic consciousness.