Dr. Richard Alan Miller, experience about Antarctica and higher consciousness

In this interview of Dr Richard Alan Miller, Sebastien Martin brings a new witness to the events occurring at present in Antarctica for the Open Timelines program. In this wide range interview, we are covering many topics to do with mysticism, higher levels of consciousness, timelines, the Nazi base in Antarctica as well as some Viking artifacts from the 7th Century and much more.

As a graduate physicist, Dr Miller is involved in the fields of parapsychology and metaphysics, working 11 years with Navy Intelligence.

He is a Swiss mason and also belongs to other lodges, so hidden secrets in sacred texts and others are being discussed.

As a prolific author, he has written many papers and books, including The Modern Alchemist, ESP Induction Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis, as well as providing audio tapes on metaphysics workshops and writes for Nexus Magazine.