The Inside Story of Giant Rock

To be sharing my past perceptions and remembrances of the phenomenon called Giant Rock which is “The Greatest Story Never Told” is truly remarkable on many levels. The various segments of this epic story did not actually come together until 2012.

Processing the various other worldly events which included my own abduction experiences has taken a lifetime to process and comes with an array of emotions and feelings ranging from fear, shame, embarrassment and finally acceptance. The final product although occulted behind Science Faction has allowed me to articulate a personal mystery tour that has liberated me from the 3D world.

You see growing up near a global phenomenon that was a riddle wrapped within an enigma and is possible the best description of my late Uncle George Van Tassel 1910-1978 who was the leader of Giant Rock Movement was challenging to say the least and was never pleasant. Logistically as well as socially experiencing ethereally disturbing experiences that began at the tender age of four years old was terrifying. And no there was never a conversation regarding my own experiences with my uncle George Van Tassel because essentially I believed that he was the primary cause of them. Besides he seemed to of known about them already.– Martin Little

Now Imagine listening to adult conversations regarding abstract concepts of space and time travel, extraterrestrial and human interaction that occurred literally in the middle of nowhere. This is of course all before I knew how to read. I would hear comments like we don’t need to burn gasoline in order to travel in the early sixties made no sense at all to adults let alone me.

Now imagine coming to the realization after some 50 years that the people associated with this hokey and often referred to as the tin foil crowd were the actual tip of the spear of not only our collective hidden legacy with our space brothers and sisters but the antidote of a world that had become infected with a cancer that is systematically destroying our planet as well as humanity.

Giant Rock is located within the unincorporated town of Landers California that is the home of Giant Rock an 8 story free standing boulder and the Integratron an odd shaped and certainly out of place and time dome structure. They are both 10 miles from the better known city of Joshua Tree located in the Mohave Desert. While living out there back in 1964 I rode the public school bus from Landers to Joshua Tree Elementary School. The distances were vast back then and going to a grocery store in Yucca Valley was an all day experience.
There is much written about my Uncle and the activities that occurred out at Giant Rock during the nascent and UFO and Extraterrestrial time of discovery so it would be redundant to present these subjects here.
The questions that I should be asked but seemingly out of politeness I am almost never asked is what the hell happened to Giant Rock, the Integratron, and my uncles UFO disclosure ministry.
How a newsletter that went around the world to over 100,000 people called the Proceedings as well as the annual Giant Rock conventions which attracted over 10,000 visitors around the world go to? And why has all research associated with the Integratron stopped and the physical building been marginalized as a feel good metaphysical retreat relegated to an expensive tourist trap?
Where did the supporters of Giant Rock with names like Howard Hughes, Astronauts from the Soviet Union and the USA as well as Pilots of every rank from the Military go to? What happened to a no above ground nuclear testing and free energy movement that would of moved the people from planet earth into peaceful coexistence?

Much of this information is answered in the Giant Rock book and will also be shown in an upcoming epic film trilogy Giant Rock The Movie “The greatest UFO story never told”.

My uncle in his own words provided decades ago the true purpose was masked in a half truth as he said; “The purpose of the Integratron is to recharge every living cell structure, to bring about longer life with youthful energy.” Since I have surfaced with my book and screenplay I have been contacted by scientists as well as their descendents have been told both amazing and bone chilling accounts of just how far they got with time travel utilizing just 1% of the power of Integratron.

The Integratron it is a 38- foot high, 50-foot diameter, non-metallic structure. Inside you will find an acoustically flawless chamber that is now used to provide sound baths. Giant Rock that was located only less than a mile away from the Integratron created a powerful energy field because of the great weight displacement that produced a piezo-electric effect on its granite crystals, creating the necessary magnetic field that attracted enter- dimensional Time travelers and a multitude of Extraterrestrials from both known and unknown.

Both Giant Rock and the Inegratron were directly connected to sacred sites around the world including the Pyramids of Giza. This was confirmed by contactee Pilot and mathematical savant Capt Bruce Cathie of New Zealand who I had the privilege of knowing and receiving his works before they were published.
I still feel the profound energy of Giant Rock when I physically get within a five mile radius. In my uncles words the purpose of the Integratron was masked in a half truth which was to recharge every living cell to bring about longer life with youthful energy as codified in the old testament book of Genesis.
My involvement and connection with my uncle’s work began before I was born as my father Richard Lee Meek and Grandmother Henrietta Ganoung Meek lived with my aunt Eva and Uncle George in Los Angeles during the depression. My father was many of the countless people in my family that volunteered their services for free and helped construct it.
This and my many conversations with Captain Bruce Cathie and Gabriel Green as well as other of the Giant Rock insiders gave me some intriguing clues on how the Integratron would eventually become fully operational.
I am often asked what happened to the Giant Rock phenomenon and why the Integratron did not fulfill the promise that was given to my uncle by the extraterrestrials that transferred the data to his brain.
The answer to this question was explained to me by the old timers as well as my cousin Shawn Van Tassel Georges grandson. It is the same old reason that allows the mundane to smother the altruistic higher conscious by our animal instincts that have not yet been fully integrated. Higher Consciousness is provisional in that the various cosmic regulators are aware that powerful information if not treated carefully can be adapted to weapons of mass destruction (the real ones).

The truth is that there are a few people who have had contact with extraterrestrials out at Giant Rock and have the various formulas contained in their memory banks. I have met some who do not feel safe or secure enough at this time to come forward. These special minds must first be assembled before any further advancement could occur. This will never occur with the current occupants running the Integratron who have a pure materialist outlook and are making money from the pilgrims who are seeking higher knowledge.
It has been told to me that there are several other similar structures that need to be built that will complement the Integratron. Those additional structures must be constructed in a similar fashion to the Pyramids through combination of Sacred Geomacy. Most importantly there needs to be a Super Integratron five times larger that will act as a conductor. This information will only be revealed during a new era with the help of service to other aliens where it won’t fall into the hands of the darker forces that currently are running our world.
The information for this type of disruptive technology has always been available to the collective has always been provisional. Nicholas Tesla was one of the few that were gifted with access to the Universal Mind that has provided relief to the common man only to have it hijacked by moneyed interests with Black hearts
Unfortunately a series of events that occurred allowed the dark energy to permeate the Integratron and render it mostly a useless novelty and bring down one of the most brilliant minds of the time.
This dark transition occurred when my uncle married his second wife Doris a week after my aunt Eva died. Granted he had an ongoing affair with his second wife for several years. But the timing of the marriage created a divide the size of Grand Canyon as my Aunt Eva was not only revered but was also an intricate member of a team that was connected to long time financial donors.
His second wife Doris was an obscure UFO devotee who did not have the political skills of dealing with the necessity of being able to communicate with the more orthodox financial donors who thought she had a screw lose in her brain with her over the top angel dancing and speaking in tongues.
This of course devastated and alienated the entire Van Tassel/Meek clan away from the Giant Rock Mandate as Georges Daughters and others abruptly quit helping the College of Universal Wisdom and stopped talking to my uncle George.

Before any resolution of this family feud my uncle died under suspicious circumstances and the ownership of the Integratron was passed on to his second wife. With no money and no human resources or clue to proceed the Integratron soon began to fall apart.
Soon afterwards Doris Van Tassel was diagnosed with Cancer and ownership of the Integratron fell to a grounds keeper who had wondered out there who had befriended her.
The groundskeeper who I met in person claimed to of ingested over 400 tabs of LSD 25 and claimed he was the new President of the defunct Church and College of Universal Wisdom. He also claimed that the Church of Satan from the Bay Area near San Francisco had taken it over from him and were conducting human sacrifices inside the Integratron. According to him because he could not maintain the Integratron that was forced to sell it for $ 25,000.00 which is close to what the current occupants gross over one month. I have no way to verify any of his claims but he was kind enough to give me my uncles channeling tapes and some other documents supporting his 1952 call that a huge flotilla of UFO craft would hover over Washington D.C. during the month of July.

There are clues contained in the universal mind which can be accessed through the YGGDRASIL in honor of one of the unsung heroes which was Frank Critzer.

Critzer was conducting experiments and was ingesting and inhaling the Yggradisal several months before his violent death that occurred at the hands of a misguided sheriff department. Critzer was considered insane by several of the ranchers who had issue with him fencing off roads that prevented them from reaching their lands. For some reason my uncle left very little information about Frank Critzer and I suspect that they might of of had a fallen out over his erratic behavior.
Today the Rock is split into two pieces and is covered with graffiti. The Integratron is in very good shape. It is my goal to purchase and trade both structures and build a state of the art multimedia visitors center. The revenue from my books and feature film project are all earmarked to get us all back to a legacy that has been stolen from humanity. If interested in supporting the Giant Rock Movement please email me at