Soul Retrieval

Holly has been a shamanic practitioner for the past decade and an alternative healer for over twenty years. After overcoming deep battles with depression and physical illness she has transformed her healing practice from massage therapy and Reiki bodywork into mostly shamanic work, which brings her clients back to who they really are; their self. The shamanic arts contain many different healing techniques, such as entity extraction, chakra clearing, past lives, breaking old contracts, removing crystalized energy, soul retrieval and more. While Holly uses these techniques, the one she finds the most profound is soul retrieval.


To me, this is the catalyst for the foundation of being solid, truly healing and moving forward. In my experience, this is where the wholeness of the healing takes place. In the process of soul retrieval, bringing back fragmented pieces of the soul that fled during trauma will restore a sense of wholeness to the spiritual and energy body. Many of us try to constantly fill that missing void with food, alcohol, drugs and mindless consumption. When we are whole, we are no longer fragmented and we can truly be at peace. When we are whole we become less vulnerable to entity attachments, we can understand and see what is going on with a more expanded vision and intuition. Most importantly, when we are whole we can deal with this dimension because we no longer need to escape into higher dimensions because we are too broken to deal with the one we are in. Yes, being complete allows us to deal with the 3D. It grounds us back into our body so that we can truly do our self-work and heal the problems of the world.


When a person experiences trauma, a piece of the soul will flee for safety and protection. This is how we become fragmented and it reflects in that insatiable desire to fill that missing void by any means necessary – but nothing can replace a soul piece. Many women put on weight after being sexually abused, it is like building a wall of protection around something that is broken instead of fixing what is broken to gain back your power. When our soul is broken, we become depressed, addicted, physically ill and even mentally ill.


Most, but not all the soul retrievals I do is about bringing back the inner child. The inner child is the foundation of our wellbeing. When the inner child is wounded, our life is chaotic. The inner child runs the show and will bully, have tantrums and harm others in the adult world if it is not healed. Profound changes occur when we become whole and in this wholeness, is where our reality shifts and our illusions changes. In this wholeness, we are given the ability to create from a fresh drawing board and re-write the script all because the inner child has been healed. Through soul retrieval, I strongly feel that we can renew our innocence, remember who we really are and learn how to thrive emotionally, spiritually and even physically again. Humanity deserves to be healed, one person at a time and the time is now.